Carve Your Success Story with Smart Small Business Marketing

small business marketing

Is your small business marketing not producing the results you hoped for?

Do you feel that you’ve tried just about everything and are still not making close to the profits you had hoped for?

Are you running out of feasible ideas on how to promote your business?

I’ve been there before and I know just how you feel. It’s frustrating and you may even begin to feel like having your own business may have been a bad idea.

Stop right there! You’re not done yet.

How many small business marketing strategies have you used? Chances are, you have, like me, tried a few tactics that didn’t work, or perhaps they took too long to see any significant results, if they were ever going to produce results at all.

I’ve been tempted to throw in the towel several times.

When I started out, I had a very frugal marketing budget (mostly $0) and no one to advise me. To me, marketing was all about huge billboards and full page color ads in the more popular trade magazines and newspapers.

I blew what little money I could scrape together out of our family budget on a few advertisements here and there… and then sat back and waited for the customers to come in.

They didn’t. The only real option available to me that was affordable was to go wear out my shoe leather or voice via cold calling. But how could I find the time? And put up with the emotional stress of all that rejection?

However, I knew that others were making money, LOTS of money in my business industry. So I knew the problem wasn’t my type of business, or a lack of customers, but simply the way I was going about things.

Thus, my stubborn never-say-die pride wouldn’t let me quit. It would be too devastating to my own self-esteem. Instead, I’ve just kept focusing and learning. In the process, I’ve learned a lot.

I learned for starters, that small business marketing ideas and alternate marketing strategies are a lot different for my size of small business.They are for the much bigger businesses that most of the existing marketing information and education is geared towards.

Can I tell you, I was simply amazed at some of the marketing ideas I came across – ideas that were not only effective, but feasible for even a really small business like mine!

I started researching each of these strategies. I read about what each one involved, and bought information and educational products to teach me more. I studied the pros and cons of each one and how to apply them to different niches. I read about social network marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and email marketing, just to name a few.

I was very surprised what I found out. It all makes common sense to me now, but isn’t it weird how much “common sense” is so often hard to come by?

To think of how much money and time is wasted on places like Facebook via ineffective ads and postings or other online/offline forms of marketing that don’t produce a result… and yet they DO produce results for those who know what to do and how to do it the right way!

And I learned, for example, how you can take specific ideas and apply them to restaurant marketing and achieve extraordinary results! The restaurant industry is supposedly so competitive, and yet, each day there’s a new restaurants succeeding. What makes them succeed when the others fail? It is so completely fascinating… and seemingly simple.

It took a long time for me to figure out how to increase sales using the most effective small business marketing I could find. But I finally got my game plan together and I haven’t looked back ever since!

Many Marketing Ideas

If you are looking for small business marketing ideas that will help you:

  • Increase sales
  • Get more repeat customers to your business
  • Use social marketing effectively
  • Build more local customers
  • And much more…

You’ve come to the right place. I’m Joshua Jantz and I look forward to helping you with your local business.If you have any questions please contact me